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Berry Alloc High Pressure Laminate floor is classified as world strongest and longest laminate floor in the world. High pressure laminate is built to last and stand up with any traffic you can imagine, even for heavy commercial. The modern Scandinavian and unique design gives your flooring project a calm and latest modern look.

Why Grand Avenue collection is the most durable and strongest laminate in the market?

1. Extremely durable wear surface at AC6. Significant stronger then traditional laminate floors.

2. Comes with 0.6mm high pressure layer. Which gives the surface exceptional impact and chip resistant, compare to traditional laminate in the market.

3. Highest impact resistant HDF (high density fibreboard), at IC4 level.

4. World strongest patented aluminium locking system, with above 1200kg/lm of locking strength.

5. More water resistant than any other laminate in the market. With highest density Aquaresist core boards and sealed edges. The floor is optimum protected against moisture.

6. The Silent system, built in acoustic underlay reduces the impact sounds by 19DB.

7. The most stable laminate floor, where you can install up to 225square meter or across 15meter without expansion join.

8. Low maintenance needed. A damp micro fibre mop is what you need to keep the floor as new for years.

9. Lifetime warranty for residential and 10 years for commercial.

10. Made in Norway for top quality and lifespan.

Welcome to get the absolute best of the best, no one beside or above!

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