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Berry Alloc laminate flooring range is truly exceptional on quality and is the creme de la creme in the market. Beside meets highest European technical requirements, our floor is not only looking beautiful. But also the most durable, longevity and easy floor to install. Berry Alloc was innovator for more than 10 years ago with HYDROPLUS water resistant technology, to assure our laminate floor performs everywhere.
We are proud that our Direct Pressure laminate floor is Made in Belgium to keep the highest quality and most environment friendly flooring solution. Berry Alloc floors complies and is  classified as A+ for the emission of volatile substances for inside air. Which gives better indoor climate for home and your health. We produce a little waste as possible and convert anything left over into energy. We also use solar panels, wind turbines for our energy supply and meets PEFC* standards with our floors.
If you are looking for something unique and even stronger then Direct pressure laminate, then Berry Alloc High Pressure laminate is the solution. This range is classified as world’s strongest laminate floor and won prestigious contract such as for Heathrow Airport, or the Milan 2015 Exhibition. Made in Norway with its highest level of impact level HDF and unique high-pressure layer, which are many times more impact resistant compare to traditional laminate in the market. High Pressure laminate comes with AC6 wear surface, aluminium 1200kg/lm locking system, Aqua resist core, oil/soft touch finish, silent to walk on and many more.
Berry Alloc High Pressure laminates are popular with architects who find they also work perfectly for private homes. Inspired by Scandinavian’s designs, lifestyle and durability, is peace of mind for any projects.


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